SOLC 31 of 31 Just ’cause…meow (moral)

es bad things happen everyday but that is just why you should enjoy the good and learn to adapt you don’t know if  tomorrow will happen.Yes, my cat died and I lost who I was but I regenerated.A person should learn to adapt,it’s in our blood,but also remember each of us came into this world poor and we would leave the same way so if something bad happens move past it and enjoy the positive.Your luck may or may not be on your side just ’cause meow.

SOLC 30 of 31 Just ’cause…meow (part 2)

Days passed, my grandma’s health had taken a sharp decline.Her doctor had suggested that we get another cat it would help heal the wound.So one day we all took a trip to the shelter.We only took 5 step and we  all feel in love.A beautiful Norwegian forest  locked eye contact with us while it rolled around in it cell.We had found out that his name was Zeus and that he was really playful but he had bit a kid.An employee had told us that if we wanted we could come and get him tomorrow for free,since it would be clean out the shelter day.

The next day 6:30 A.M.:I was awoken by my older sister asking me if I wanted to go to the shelter with her.Of course,I went but I didn’t have enough time to eat anything.When we reached the shelter there was already a line at the front door ,and The shelter would not be open until 8.I was still not used to the Texas heat and we only had half an hour left until the opening.We had heard people in front of us talk about the cat we wanted so we started to become nervous. Suddenly,everything went black.I opened My eyes and saw the blue sky above me,and I heard my sister’s distant scream of surprise.Then I got up like nothing happened and was rushed inside.The shelter had a nurse there and they said that my sugar level had dropped and gave me some fruit to eat.The shelter opened the doors to prevent any other accidents ,and now my sister was now first.In a minute or so I was feeling better,and we had succeeded in getting the cat.Another party had said I was faking it but the nurse there had proved them wrong.

Soon joy returned and now we have a new member of the family.

SOLC 28 of 31 just ’cause …STAAR and helping a friend

STAAR are what we call the state test of Texas and I had to take the writing one,but I can’t really talk about that.So my friend speaks good Hindi and good English,yet she is not good at going back and forth she came up with an idea each day we take a Bollywood song and translate it into English.

So here are my favorite lyrics in English

My crazy thoughts are causing commotion.   Some of it’s madness;Some of it is just us being idiots.This weak heart says a hundred things .Let the dreams do the mischief.  Let  people be critics  Let’s go discover a new place.  Let us be naive

Solc 29 of 31 Just ’cause …Meow (part 1)

Here’s a story it’ll  be a 2 part plus moral.I’ll try to be quick about it.By the way this part is the darker one.

4 years ago:I sat in the dinning area of my house in Connecticut,along side my family.We had new cat from my sister and we had to decide on a name.After dinner we had came to the conclusion that we’d name her Rano(queen).Soon we sold  our house ,and my parents thought it was best if we left the cats in Connecticut with some of our friends.                                                                                                                Couple months later: All moves are hard and my family was really missing our old life so we decided that we could ask for a piece back. Rano .Soon she returned into our lives  that were just being rebuilt after being knocked down.As the years went on she lived up to her name,and had all of us in the palm of her paw.She also helped us in other times of need especially my grandma with her constant health problems.                                                                                                                          August 2016: Rano had not been eating for the past couple of days and my grandma had started to get worried.I thought it was her being picky so the days went on.Then,she developed a harsh cough.My sister took her to the vet a couple days later when she came back she said the vet said it was nothing to big.I believed nothing .It still continued ,so we took her to another vet.My cat had lung cancer and was about to die.When the day finally came I still could not believe she had died. I never cried in front of my mother because she was already witnessing one of her daughters and her own mother bawling their eyes out.I hid away most of the time in my room,hating the sun for all it radiance and joy that I had once enjoyed.

Well that was part one



SOLC 27 of 31 Just ’cause…I’m the youngest

I’m the youngest in my family, so I’m used to being the one that learns from my sister’s mistakes. This also means I get more freedom than my older siblings, but  sometimes I don’t feel like I benefit from it. I just know that in stressful situation when my sister is in panic, I usually step in and take control. Later my sister would say that she didn’t need my help and it would have been better if I didn’t help.Then I cry because I only wanted to help.

Solc 26 of 31 Just ’cause ….I can’t focus on anything

Recently we were assigned a social studies project and we have to work with a group of three.Even the project’s due date is far away I’ve already came up with a bunch of thing for it.Sadly I can’t start right away due to state test on Tuesday and Wednesday. Also the ideas popping into my head aren’t helping me concentrate on learning.

SOLC 25 of 31 Just cause…Gulab jamun

     So these are gulab jamun

also the dessert I have to make and bring to these to a party this evening.These thing are so sugary I feel like I would die if I had more than 2 but they are so delicious.Its a fried sweet ball of airy dough that is drenched in a thick honey like  syrup. I remember that these were my favorite dessert and I used to admire how saffron worked it enchanting taste through out.

SOLC 24 of 31 Just ’cause…the lions shadow

“Meow Meow.”My cute cat ,Sher, sits by the mirror of my room waiting (impatiently).As soon as get out of bed he becomes my shadow following me wherever I go occasionally attacks my backpack that he seems to believe is a monster that steals me for 7 hours from Monday-Friday.Then in the afternoon when I want to lay down and take a nap he is nowhere to be seen!

SOLC 23 of 31 Just ’cause… a spoon of sugar

My dad is an artist, my mom is a singer.So you can imagine the wild things that go on in my house.Sometimes we just break out into random song and dance. Okay yes it is sometimes weird coming home to 80’s Indian music and finding my parents doing some really out-dated dance moves.Some times one of us is asked to go get something ,like in my case a spoon full of sugar(Chini ka chumcha in Hindi)so here is what happened

Dad:Go get me some sugar for my tea

Me:Okay cheeeenniiii

Mom(pops out of nowhere):cha cha chini ka chumcha

Me:joins her

Sister (comes downstairs stares at us for a then joins)

grandma(shuts off the T.V.): Continue

Well that is my family

SOLC 22 of 31 Just ’cause… food racist

Have you ever had a conversation with your friend then suddenly realized how crazy  your duo truly is?Well,yesterday 9;30 one of my friends texted me that she was bored.At 11 o clock the last words were said “food racist”.So my friend and I are pretty crazy and we started pretending that I was a doctor and that she was a patient and I told her to go to a psychologist named Jello then when we switched she had a nurse name Ella and then I said Ella was on her food break with fairy godmother and.Yea so then she said that she was eating jello and then said don’t worry it was the cherry jello not the green psychologist jello.So then I ended the conversation by saying she was food racist.